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Donnerstag, 02 August 2012 18:48

Bryyn bei RFW

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Bryyn hat es in unsere Playlist geschafft :)
Seine Titel sind etwas Folkig und auch verrockt.
Bryyn über sich selbst:

hello, i’m bryyn. i try to make a new song every week or so and post it up on this webpage for you to hear and download for free. please consider joining my [email list] to be updated when new songs are posted online. thank you for your comments and listening!

most of the songs i make up are written and recorded in my apartment in a night or two. these songs usually contain messages to myself or friends. i would say the style of music is “expat indiefolk”. it usually blends my voice with acoustic guitar and moog keyboard for bleeps and bass.

for live concerts, i play music with my wife rachelle and a friend or two on different instruments. people have said we sound like simon & garfunkel, feist, andrew bird and jose gonzalez. i’m happy with all of those comparisons! i live near a tiny town in switzerland called vulliens and try to make some trips to have concerts in nearby countries. sometimes we play concerts in the US when i go back home to visit my family and friends who live mostly in chicago and pittsburgh. for these concerts, i like to have some of my US friends play in the live band.

in late 2010 [aaahh records], a creative commons netlabel based in berlin, released a collection of my songs on an album called “house plants“. the aaahh records team is really super and you should check out other bands that they have released. all of the bands release their music for free downloading and are really good!

Wie immer gibt es die Tracks von Bryyn nicht nur in der Playlist von RFW sondern auch zum Downloaden im Musikportal :)

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